13 Hours of Pure Bliss ! Summit of Timpanogos Mountain !! 11,749 Feet !

     What an unbelievable trip. 
      When my son said he want to go to Tipanogos Mountain and climb to the summit I was excited. I had no idea how cool it would really be. This has to rank as one of my best hiking trips ever. Thanks Josh for dragging the old man up in territory that he will probable never make again. Funny I couldn't even sleep with the anticipation of waking up at four and heading to one of the highest and most rugged mountains in Utah. Sorry if it sounds like it was Mt. Everest, but at 57 it felt like it to me. I think we packed enough supplies to stay for a week. Josh, my son packed over fifty lbs and did it for the whole trip.  I of course took all my camera gear and a few snacks and Gatorade. That still was over thirty lbs. I think compared to all the other day hikers we seen, we were well over packed. I will say that when we stopped to have a late lunch at 3:00 PM we were the envy of all the power bar eaters along the trial. LOL. After eight hours of hiking it felt so good to lay down a minute and take my shoes off while Josh cooked a gourmet meal. Really ,Top Ramen noodles, a cube of butter, and Johnson Sausages. That was so good !  Thanks Josh.  I think some of the pictures will speak for themselves. The flowers were at their peak. They were totally unbelievable. So many and so much color. I could have shot pictures for ever. This should have been a 9 hour day, but we could not keep from stopping and taking in all that was there. My son and I would be shooting pictures and video around EVERY turn. Funny how most of the hikers just flew right on by with out ever stopping to really see the wildlife or scenery. I was amazed at the wildlife. So cool to watch the moose and goats. The goats we up in the rock and cliffs every where.  I think we saw over forty goats. We hiked over and watched two different sets of Moose also.
     Now I guess I should say a little about the hike to the top of Mt Timp. Wow it was a little more than I expected. It did push me a bit more than I planned for. The last mile to the summit made me a little light headed. What a cool experience to be at the shack on top. You do feel like you are on top of the world. I took over 300 pictures.  I hope to share a few more in a few days. I hope you will know that the few I put on tonight came with great effort, and were worth every step. Though so very tired walking back, I was on cloud nine !  Damn , oops dang I love the mountain  !!     Thanks again Josh. That was the best trip ever !
                                                                                         Enjoy !       the Bear :)


Guys Vs. Wild said...

I agree, this was easily the most beautiful hike I've been on to date. good company and packed full of God's creations

Anonymous said...

Yes it was so cool ! I think I was the company ! :)